11gR2: Steps to Rename ASM Diskgroup with DB files

11gR2 introduced renamedg utility to rename diskgroups. I would discuss renaming a diskgroup on a Standalone Grid Infrastructure installation with Oracle Restart. Before you use the command, ensure that ASM diskgroup is dismounted.
Below is syntax for the command. You can refer to 11gR2 docs for details

[phase={ one|two |both } ] dgname=diskgroup
newdgname=newdiskgroup [config=configfile]
[ asm_diskstring=discoverystring, discoverystring ... ]
[ clean={true|false} ] [ check={true|false} ]
[ confirm={true|false}] [ verbose={ true|false} ]
[ keep_voting_files={true|false}]

Basically we have two phases of using renamedg command, phase 1 generates a configuration file to be used by phase 2. In phase 2 actual renaming of diskgroup is done.

Note : – I have tried these steps in a Test environment and tried to cover the most components. But would recommend you  to cross verify the steps in a test environment before implementing in production environment

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