Cloning an Oracle Database to the Same Server Using FlashCopy and VolumeCopy on DS3400, DS4000, and DS5000

Maximizing hardware return on investment is an important business concern. To conserve hardware resources, many IT environments run multiple databases on a single server. With this proliferation of databases also comes the proliferation of database clones. Database clones are very useful for testing, developing, or keeping a point-intime image for evaluation purposes. However, too many database clones take up a lot of server space.

When there is a shortage of server hardware, and when the source server has enough resources to run another database, the clone can run on the same server as the source database. For example, if needed, you could clone a development database back onto the development server.

Cloning a database onto the same server is more complicated than cloning the database onto a different server. To isolate the clone from its source database on the same server, you have to know which files to edit and how to edit them. Otherwise, any mistake that you might make when you create the clone might overwrite the source database and corrupt it. Not surprisingly, Oracle Database administrators are often reluctant to try to create clones on the same server. Even though doubling up would conserve hardware resources, sometimes the risk is not worth taking.

This document explains how to isolate a cloned database from its source. This document explains how to set up the cloned database using different storage locations from the source database. Initially, all of the pointers in the cloned database point to the original locations for the source database. You have to change the locations before you can use the cloned database. This document describes how to edit all of the references to the file systems so that it is safe to use the cloned database.

This document also describes a solution that simplifies cloning. Specifically, this document focuses on expediting the important task of cloning an Oracle Database to the same server. The solution combines Oracle Database products with IBM® storage subsystems and the premium features, FlashCopy ® and VolumeCopy, which come with both DS Storage Manager and IBM DS Storage Manager 10. This method of cloning a database requires less effort than using an Export/Import function or backing up and restoring the database using Oracle RMAN.


The intended reader for this document is an Oracle Database administrator with experience in the following areas:

• Oracle Database and its related components

• Cloning an Oracle Database

• Storage, including an understanding

See link below

Cloning Oracle DB to same server using DS5000 DS4000 DS3400



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