Comparing Oracle Database I/O Performance between the DS5000 Storage Subsystem and the DS4800 Storage Subsystem

The DS5000 storage subsystem is the latest mid-range storage subsystem that brings enterprise high-availability features in high-end storage subsystems to customers.

These new features include:

• Permanent data retention in the case of power loss• RAID 6 for protection against two disk drive failures

• Expanded disk drive support for enhanced scalability for investment protectionThe DS5000 storage subsystem is ideal for protecting mission critical data.

This document shows the DS5000 storage subsystem’s scalable architecture using real world I/O workloads in traditional Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and data warehouse environments.

Test ObjectiveThis test compared the performance of the new DS5000 storage subsystem with the existing DS4800 storage subsystem.

The test used configurations that represent what a typical company considers when implementing a database, such as high availability, performance, and cost.

The results show how each storage subsystem performed in a 100 percent read test, 100 percent write test, and a 30 percent write and 70 percent read test.

The tests used both RAID 5 and RAID 10 configurations.

See link below

Oracle ORION performance DS5300 DS4800 38742-00_RevB



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