Deploying Oracle RAC 11g with ASM on IBM AIX 6.1 using IBM XIV Storage System

This white paper describes in detail the step-by-step configuration of the IBM® XIV® with Oracle Database11g, Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC), and Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) on the IBMAIX® 6.1 operating system.

The test exercise demonstrates that it is easy to configure IBM’s XIV storagesystem in this environment by using the guidelines that are laid out in this document.

The IBM XIV disk storage array offers expandable data open storage and data-protective systems withconsistent performance to correspond with specific business requirements.

The XIV storage system has arevolutionary high-end storage architecture designed to eliminate the complexity of administration andmanagement of tiered storage and information lifecycle management.

XIV provides system virtualization thatgreatly simplifies IT operations and optimizes performance through automatic distribution of data acrosssystem resources, avoiding hot spots without manual tuning.

Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Clusterware technologies offer several features that work in single instance database and Oracle RAC database environments.

Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)technology is a feature that is designed to distribute information uniformly across all storage disk groups(configured for ASM).

The AIX operating system’s multipath driver (MPIO) works with the XIV disk-storage system in a multipathI/O environment that runs on servers with the ppc-64 architecture, including the IBM System p® platform. If apath fails, MPIO reroutes the I/O through the remaining paths.

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Deploying Oracle RAC 11g with ASM on IBM AIX 6.1 Using IBM XIV Storage System





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