Oracle Database 11g R2 E.E using Snapshot Standby Database on IBM Power Systems running AIX and IBM System Storage DS4800

This paper will discuss the necessary steps to prepare a successful installation of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition on AIX 5.3, build the contingency environment (physical standby database) and convert it into a snapshot standby database environment.

For this project we have used “real-time apply”, this feature is new in Oracle Database 10g, the RMAN feature “duplicate from active database” and the “snapshot standby database” feature are also used and are both new features in Oracle Database 11g.

The objective of this document is to document how to:

• set up the primary and physical standby connected with Dark Fiber communication interface

• make sure the both of the databases are in sync

• switch the role of the servers: primary to physical standby and vice versa.

See link below

Snapshot_Standby_Oracle 11gR2 September 2010



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