Oracle Database Cross Platform Migration to AIX

Oracle database operations are similar on all operating systems. However deployment strategies can vary on different operating systems. Migration of an existing Oracle database to a new architecture can prove to be overwhelming initially due to many factors like

• New operating system
• Operating system preparedness
• Installation nuances
• Oracle patches
• Database migration

This document is targeted towards users migrating from Solaris and HP-UX operating systems to AIX and covers topics mentioned above for Oracle database version 10gR2 and higher. It also provides a step by step migration
example using transportable databases, talks about tuning a migration and avoiding and overcoming migration pitfalls.

The migration steps documented in this paper have been leveraged at numerous customer sites successfully and lessons learnt during these migrations are also included.

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7 Comments on “Oracle Database Cross Platform Migration to AIX”

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  2. jimroll says:

    Hi, Levi!
    There is 2nd version. But it still don’t have information about ASM configuration.
    I’m thinking about re-mapping ASM disks from Solaris SPARC to AIX, start ASM instance and run rman convert. What do you think?


    • Levi Pereira says:

      As SPARC and AIX has same endian format you can try mount ASM Diskgroup, if succeed you perform Database Conversion. I TINK SPARC and AIX don’t need convertion because they are have same endian format.



      • jimroll says:

        Levi, have you tried mounting ASM DG from SPARC to AIX ? Accourding to Oracle, this is unsupported way…

        Migration of An ASM Diskgroup Across OS Platform (Doc ID 1566352.1)

        1. It is tempted to simply unprovision all ASM devices belong to an diskgroup from source server and provision them to target server and mount the diskgroup in ASM after adjusting asm_diskstring parameter.
        But unprovision and provision ASM devices from source to target server is not officially supported from Oracle even for the same endianess platforms, i.e Windows to Linux or HPUX to AIX or Oracle Solaris x86-64 to Linux .
        Not supported means Oracle Support Services does not take calls and development does not fix bugs associated with simply unprovisioning & provisioning ASM disks from one platform and anoter for migration purpose.


  3. jimroll says:

    Yes, i’d read it before.

    I googled. Nobody wrote about succesful experience of converting DB from SPARC to AIX using same ASM DG. Only convert and copy datafiles.


    • Levi Pereira says:

      To test purposes you can try it, just create a ASMDisk on Sparc over NFS, create datafiles, dismount diskgroup and mount this ASMDISK (files) on AIX.
      Also you have a choice to create rawdevice on SPARC and convert datafiles storing into rawdevices move rawdevices to aix and open a database, later you can move to ASM its avoid copy over network but requires extra storage space.


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