Hints and Tips for installing Oracle Database 10g ( and up) and 11g on IBM System x3950 M2 with NUMA enabled

IBM System x3950 M2 utilizes eX4 technology which is primarily designed for but not limited to three major workloads: database servers, server consolidation using virtualization services, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) servers.

The eX4 design consists of two 4U 4-socket rack-optimized chassis (available on the System x3850 M2 and x3950 M2 systems) with the ability to scale up to 16 sockets and up to 96 cores.

We will use “x3950 M2” for the remainder of this document, when referring to the IBM System x3950 M2 hardware.

By adding a ScaleXpander Option Kit, two (or more) x3950 M2 chassis can be configured into a multi-node NUMA capable x3950 M2.

In order to set up x3950 M2 with NUMA, two or more x3950 M2 chassis are required.

Each chassis serves as a single NUMA node.

The steps are:

1. Set up multimode configuration

2. Install NUMA-enabled Operating System

3. Install Oracle or above

This white paper is meant to increase the readers’ understanding of how Oracle Database and above and 11g can be deployed utilizing NUMA on an x3950 M2.

The example shown in this paper has not been extensively tested in a production environment.

Click link below..

Hints and TIps on Installing on IBM x3950 M2 with NUMA_v7 January 17 2011




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