Best Practices for configuring IBM® TotalStorage™ DS4100/DS4300 Storage Systems: ORACLE 10g and ASM

IBM is uniquely qualified to address the Oracle Resilient Low Cost Storage Initiative because of our rich history in providing high performance, modular building blocks for the open systems market.

As an enterprise class storage solutions provider, IBM understands the stringent requirements that customers place on us for developing truly resilient and modular features.

Features that were once known for monolithic architectures can be found in IBM’s DS4000 product family.  With Oracle Database 10g’s built-in storage management features, users can use low-cost storage for manyapplications such as Flash Recovery Area (online disk backup), data warehouses, and supporting databases to help reduce storage cost.

Although the storage is considered low cost, the storage must still be inherently resilient.

Redundancies must be designed into the architecture and firmware from the ground up. In addition to hardware redundancies such as dual controllers, fans, and power supplies, many IBM solutions also feature:

• “Dynamic HotScale” designed to allow customers to add drive trays without stopping applications.

• “Dynamic Capacity Expansion” designed to allow customers to enlarge volume capacity without stopping applications.

• “Dynamic RAID level migration” designed to allow customers to vary the striping as their needs change.

• “Dynamic Segment Sizing” to accommodate varying I/O sizes

• Premium features include: Copy services like: Snapshot, Remote Volume Mirroring, and Volume Copy

• Multipathing solutions designed to redirect I/O in the event of a path failure and load balancing I/Os to help provide optimal performance.

The purpose of this best practice paper is to help our joint customers configure Oracle Database 10g and IBM products for optimal performance.

This white paper describes tested and proven configurations for running Oracle 10g using DS4100 and DS4300 storage solutions.




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