Summary Implementation of Extended Rac On Pure Oracle Stack

Extended RAC is a Tier 6 DRP technology that enable zero data loss in case ofmajor disaster at a local site, and near 0 downtime if well configured and wellmanaged.

It is an expensive technology because of the costs associated with the requiredinfrastructure, dark fiber over long distances and redundant components on allhardware layers.

A strict change control procedure must be in place, with an identical testenvironment where all changes to the infrastructure and new code versions arecarefully tested before implementation on the production site.

Oracle 11g provides new features that greatly help on implementing extendedclusters, and makes it the version that best fit the challenge.

The synchronization between sites is obtained using ASM redundancy, reads aremade locally at each site using ASM preferred mirror read feature, and in case of alocal storage failure ASM fast mirror resync make recovery much easier.

10g R2 and 11g Data guard FSFO (Fast Start Fail Over) technology provide asimilar level of protection at less cost and at greater distances, as it relays on TCPfor communications, so it is convenient considering it as an option when evaluatingextended RAC for DRP.

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