Best Practices for Running Oracle RAC Database with ASM on IBM DS4800 Storage Subsystems

Owning state-of-the-art storage subsystems is not enough to excel in today’s competitive business climate.

Even with the best storage subsystems, the continuous demands upon the IT environment can create challenges:

• Unused capacity on expensive equipment becomes a financial waste.

• Continuous hardware and software sprawl create an ever-changing environment that constantly must be re-tuned to adjust to new conditions.

• New equipment is hot-added when possible, often resulting in a convoluted configuration that makes tuning for high performance complex and difficult to manage.

The purpose of this document is to detail optimum performance settings for IBM® DS4800  storage subsystems with the Oracle® Database application.

This document identifies parameters for optimizing a high-performance storage subsystem. For each parameter, this document explains how to monitor, evaluate, adjust, and confirm that the adjustment was appropriate and positive.

The process of keeping the parameters tuned involves the following tasks:• Identify the relevant parameters. • Take a baseline to determine the benchmark value for each relevant parameter.

• Continuously monitor each parameter on an ongoing basis. Only continuous monitoring can isolate the triggers that impact performance. Also, continue monitoring after any adjustment so that the effectiveness of the adjustment can be evaluated.

• Adjust parameters while the system remains in production.

• Watch how adjustments in one parameter are affecting other parameters.

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