RAC SIG Presentation RAC+ASM: Lessons learned after 2 years in Production

Next RAC SIG Webcast:

*** Thursday, 3-March-2011, 9:00am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern


NOTE: Previous sessions are available for replay by accessing the Seminars tab on the RAC SIG website. The previous session playback links are listed at the bottom of the Web Seminar tab along with any presentation materials that the presenter has provided.

Next  week:


Title: RAC+ASM: Lessons learned after 2 years in Production

**** Presented by Christo Kutrovsky, The Pythian Group ****


Managing over 70 databases for 4 major customers, I have some good stories to share. Running almost all possible combinations of ASM, RAC, NETAPP and NFS.

Success, failure and gotchas. This presentation is the equivalent of years of experience, condensed in major highlights in 45 minutes. To list a few stories:

  • – Migration via LUN re-assignment
  • – Migrating online migration from EMC to 3par
  • – Removing ASMLIB and using EMC multipathing
  • – Gotchas when building ASMLIB devices with multipathing
  • – Corrupting your production database beyond repair with duplicate database on ASM
  • – Overwriting your data with ASM due to incorrect naming convention
  • – Corrupting your production database with NETAPP/NFS due to Oracle bug
  • – 2 nodes RAC is not HA – performing network maintenance
  • – RAC + SAME = LAME

Start time: Thursday, March 3rd, 2011, 9:00am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern The presentation will last one hour.


This Week’s Webcast Connection Info:


Webcast URL (use Internet Explorer):

https://ouweb.webex.com/ouweb/j.php?ED=151377552&UID=1194419722&RT=MiM0 note, the above URL may have been broken apart – please reassemble it before using)


Voice can either be heard via the web-conference (VoIP) or via the following dial in:

Participant Dial-In           877-671-0452

International Dial-In       706-634-9644

International Dial-In       http://www.intercall.com/national/oracleuniversity/gdnam.html

Intercall Password:  93660


Check the website for future sessions:



Enjoy it.




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