Starting with Oracle Automatic Storage Management 11g Release 2 (, Oracle ACFS supports RMAN backups (BACKUPSET file type), archive logs (ARCHIVELOG file type), and Data Pump dumpsets (DUMPSET file type). Note that Oracle ACFS snapshots are not supported with these files.


ASM best practices we recommend to have two ASM disk groups:

DATAOH Diskgroup contains:
  • Database files (Database files must be stored directly in ASM and not on ACFS)
  • Oracle Clusterware files (OCR/Vote files)
  • ASM Spfile
  • ADVM volumes/ACFS filesystems for database related data or general-purpose use


FRA Diskgroup

This disk group will be used to store database recovery related files; such as archived log files, RMAN backups, and Flashback logs

  • Datapump dumpsets , RMAN backup files, etc. This was supported in ACFS and above; however, ACFS does not currently support snapshots of filesystems housing  these files.
  • Additionally, database ORACLE_HOME backups (possibly zipped backups), can stored in a filesystem carved from the FRA disk group
ACFS Technical Overview and Deployment Guide [ID 948187.1]






2 Comments on “News: Now is Supported BACKUPSET/ARCHIVELOG/DUMPSET files on ACFS”

  1. gowtham says:

    Hello Levi pereira,
    First of all thank you very much for the blog. It was so nice. My question is there any way to copy the folders from NTFS to ACFS instead of individual files. And also is it ok to keep SMTP related files in the ACFS? Mine is windows server 2008 R2 environment.

    Thanks in advance


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