Announcement: Removed Post “Understanding Oracle RAC Internals”

The marerial about “Understanding Oracle RAC Internals” explained by Markus Michalewicz was remove due to infringement of rules.
The President of the RAC SIG contacted me and asked me to remove the contents.

For those who want the material, please register (it’s free) on RAC SIG (get link from RAC SIG in BLOGROLL the left of this page) to download the presentations.
Until now this presentation is in PDF format only on RAC SIG. Perhaps in the future the RAC SIG wil provide presentation in video format.

Thank you all for understanding.
Levi Pereira


One Comment on “Announcement: Removed Post “Understanding Oracle RAC Internals””

  1. Adhika says:

    Hi Levi,
    Is there a way to contact you directly through email?
    I downloaded the first part of the presentation.
    I wish you could share it privately without publishing it to the website.

    Thank you,


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