Use SHARED SERVER over POLICY-MANAGED Database is supported?

Helping colleagues in OTN Forum I found a issue that have not been solved yet, but we must be aware of this issue before performing implementation.

When you are using policy-managed database Oracle Manage all instance automatically on demand without dba intervention. For the whole thing work well is mandatory use SCAN (IP and SCAN Listeners) and VIP (IP and Local Listeners) database use these resource to automatically register it's own services and that's way how the Oracle client will find a Oracle Instance.

When you Configure a SHARED SERVER on Policy-Managed Dababase one question arise:
SHARED SERVER don't use Parameter LOCAL_LISTENER to register database on Listener, but it use DISPATCHERS parameter.

DISPATCHERS parameter is NOT Like LOCAL_LISTENER parameter which automatically updated by Database Agent. Then you must set DISPATCHERS manually using VIP of current Node on each Instance. As explained in note How To Configure Shared Server Dispatchers For RAC Environment [ID 578524.1]. BUT this will work only if you have a ADMIN-MANAGED database because instance is fixed on that node.

Policy-managed database has not fixed a instance on specific node and also has not a specific INSTANCE_NAME, because INSTANCE_NAME can be changed automatically on demand or when you change configuration of your SERVER POOL.

How configure DISPATCHERS parameter when database is POLICY-MANAGED ? Since DISPATCHERS can't be automatically configured dynamically, but the INSTANCE is dynamic and can be reloacated to any node on that server pool.

When I get the anwser I'll post here Oracle Solution. (If someone already has the answer please post here)


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