Performing Basic Tasks in Oracle Multitenant


This tutorial covers the steps to perform basic tasks on container databases (CDBs) and pluggable databases (PDBs).

Time to Complete

Approximately 45 minutes


This tutorial shows you how to:

    • Connect to a CDB and to a PDB.
    • Create a PDB from the seed PDB.
    • Manage CDBs and PDBs.
      • Start a CDB, understand the different open modes of PDBs, and shut down a CDB.
      • Open and close PDBs.
      • Change the name of a PDB.
    • Manage the storage in a CDB and its PDBs.
      • Manage permanent tablespaces.
      • Manage temporary tablespaces.
    • Manage the security in PDBs.
      • Create common and local users.
      • Create common and local roles.
      • Grant common and local privileges.
    • Drop PDBs.

Note: For readability, formatting was applied to some columns shown in the output.


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