Starting with Oracle In-Memory (aka IM) new Feature

I recommend that DBA be aware of this feature, because this feature will really bring a HUGE difference in performance matter to our databases.

Note: This feature is available starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (

Good to Know

  • Is a Option of Oracle Enterprise Edition ( and above). - Additional license required
  • It is Not in Memory Database - it's an accelerator to our current database
  • It is Not Column Store Database - it allows keeping some of our data in column store which is non-persistent
  • It has nothing to do with Oracle Times-Ten or Oracle Coherence
  • No additional hardware requirement, except additional OS RAM available

Price: Buy it


I'm posting useful videos links from Oracle Learning Library.


White paper: When to Use Oracle Database In-Memory (PDF)

White paper: Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor Best Practices (PDF)

Blog Official of In-Memory Feature



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